About David Hinchliffe

I retired from a long career in art education in 2009 and have painted on a full-time basis since that time.

I trained as a fine artist in Manchester and gained an MA at the Royal College of Art. My paintings record the impact of light on the built environment and the landscape.

Recently I visited Berlin and Cambridge and carried out a number of paintings based on what I saw in these two cities. I was particularly interested in the ways in which light and rain created reflections, and wanted to capture something of the dynamism of the two cities.

Other works have been based on reflections in water and visits to other great European capitals. Some of the works are painted in gouache; others are painted in oil and acrylic on canvas.

I am currently working on a series of paintings for the English College in Rome, where I have been artist in residence for the last two years.

See below for some of my favourite work

Eating In

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Vienna Junction

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Men at Work

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Lets Dance 2

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